Car Financing: How to Budget and Choose the Right Car?

Choosing the right car for car financing is critical before making any financing decisions. Many options are available for car financing. Thus, it is important to choose the right type of car finance. It will ensure a smooth car finance experience.

You can finance a car in multiple ways. Choose the finance with minimal costs and the lowest monthly payments possible.

If you have spent a bit more on private personal car finances UK, it is critical to know the total costs to be calculated.

What Are Some Popular Costs to calculate before heading for car finance?

Here are some popular costs to be mindful of while thinking about car finance:

a) Area:

Your postcode determines tax and car finance rates. Rural and low-crime areas are cheaper.

b) Trade-in

Shop around different car finance deals before choosing one. You can, in this way, compare and fetch the better deal.

c) Duration of the loan

Total loan term affects total repayments. However, switching to long-term finance can help reduce costs, and the cumulative interest will be higher.

d) Upfront car payment

 A cash down payment will slash your monthly payments, and a 20% payment will typically cover the first years of depreciation. It ensures you never pay more than it is worth.

6 Tested Ways to Budget for Car Financing

The best ways to budget for car financing:

1) Buy a car at the right time

Car dealers have targets to meet the quarter and get a new car closer to the targets. The best times to buy the car deals are March, June and May.

Try to avoid peak car finance times like September and December. At this time, car finance deposits are also hefty, so completely avoid instant car finance approval at this moment.  Check for the right moment and fund your car financing goals smoothly.

2)Go by the short loan term

A longer loan term means more interest in the long term. Although it is tempting to stretch out the loan term, it isn’t ideal to do so. Never pay more than the car price.

Set up automatic repayments on loans. The amount will be deducted as an automatic monthly payment. Short loan term means increased repayments, but it is better than the long term.

3) Make a higher deposit

When you buy a car, paying down a higher down payment would cause lower monthly payments. It is essential because you may get the car finance at cheaper rates; it can accumulate massive interest costs. It is especially true if you are buying a car without a deposit.

If you pay a huge deposit, the lender shares less insecurity on loan. It is also easier to get car financing when you borrow less money. Therefore, creditors share less risk and thus offer you the loan at a low-interest rate.

4) Use a guarantor on the car finance

You won’t believe it, but having a guarantor on the car loans helps you secure economical private personal car finances in the UK. If your credit score lacks credibility or you have missed a few payments lately, then a guarantor can help secure the loan. A guarantor is someone close to whom you can trust by offering a little help with the loan. 

The credit score of a guarantor can help you secure a car finance deal at an economical rate. A guarantor is especially the best option with fresh drivers. If you lack a driving license or are just new to driving, you must lack a credible credit score. Car finance is expensive for fresh drivers compared to established ones.

But the guarantor and the borrower must ensure timely payments on the car finance. Else, it could become problematic for both.

5) Supplement your current income

Create a budget by adding up all the total costs, overhead costs, and deposits. It is important to cut down on significant expenses to save for the vehicle. Slash any subscriptions that you no longer use. If you prefer to cook at home instead of eating at a restaurant, you can switch to Kindle instead of buying hard copies.

 Thus, for this, you can seek an additional income source. Consider part-time freelancing work- like working as a website designing freelancer, content writing expert, baker, baking, and selling cookies. Restrain yourself from impulse buying.

Impulse buying can postpone your dreams of instant car finance approval. Check out the best ways to supplement your income and save quickly for a car finance deposit. It will help you secure an economical deal.

6) Pay off car finance early

There are multiple implications of paying off your car finance early. The early payment depends on the type of car finance you have:

        i. Hire Purchase

Cover the difference if you have paid over half of the costs. You won’t receive a refund if you return the car.

      ii. Personal Contract Purchase

If you wish to keep the car, you must pay the final settlement fee. The settlement fee includes (interest and early repayment costs.

    iii. Personal Contract Hire

You will need to give me the car, but you can return it early. Pay the complete hiring costs. It will make keeping the vehicle a viable solution.

Consider whether you can make overpayments to a certain value in a year? Check out the additional charges (if any) on the car finance agreement.

This is how you can budget for car finance and grab a promising deal. Let’s now move on to picking the right car for car finance.

How To Choose the Right Car for Financing?

Many individuals find it hard to choose the right car for financing. Here is how to choose one for you:

1. Determine your budget

It is hard to resist a car with the latest features and increased comfort. It is ideal to choose a car to finance that fits the budget. Evaluate how much of your savings can you dedicate to your car’s finance goals?

According to experts, the total expenditure on a car, including necessary fuel, insurance premiums, and maintenance costs, should be 25% of the total income. Thus, you will need to cut costs and re-plan a budget that does not affect your other important expenses.

2.Identify cheaper specs for affordable car finance

Multiple specifications can make a vehicle costly. For affordable car financing, check out the car specifications below:

  • Petrol car over diesel
  • Manual over automatic cars
  • Hybrid car over regular
  • Cars with small engines

If you are a student seeking car finance for students for the first time, looking out for these specifications can be a wonder for you. Apart from that, make a list of features that suits your lifestyle like- comfort, performance, style and in-built safety features, sun-roof, and surround sound systems.

3. Pre-owned or a new car finance

After fixing the budget and determining the specifications you need in a car, check whether you need a pre-own or new car finance. Weigh the pros and cons of both and choose the right car as per your requirements.

Having pre-own car finance is cheaper than new car finance. It is better value for money than the new ones. Especially if you are seeking private personal car finances in the UK. Choosing a pre-owned vehicle for car financing may help you save 70% of the costs. A pre-owned car in excellent condition is preferable if you need a general feature car.

4. Have deposits ready

Check out different financing options according to your budget and lifestyle. It is important to save for deposit months before seeking car finance.

However, most car finance companies provide customers with multiple economic car finance options. The interest rates are higher. You need to research the best car finance interest rates in the market before stopping by a deal.

5. Take a test drive

Do not be in a hurry to drive the car to your home. Conduct a thorough check by taking a test drive. You can analyze the car’s features deeply after taking a test drive. Check:

  • Whether seats are comfortable
  • Are the car’s controls smooth?
  • Check the breaks

In short, the car should offer a smooth ride. You can take it home if it aligns with your features list.

Choosing a car for car financing is a bigger deal. Thus, these points will help you ensure successful car financing within the budget.

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