Clear Your Education Loan Debts Before It Makes You Poor

Education Loan Debts

Before talking about education loans, let me tell you the story of Allen. Allen was an average student. He did his education at a very reputed college.

He could not get any scholarship or benefits, so he had it take out a private education loan. At the time, Allen wasn’t worried about repayment. He finished his education in college with good grades.

He lived his life during his college years. He never worked part-time in college and never serious in keeping some amount as savings or for future preparation. After college, as expected, Allen got an excellent job.

He was so happy. Everything felt right. Allen decided to get a car as soon as he got the offer. He applied for a car loan bad credit online. He was certain he would be able to pay the car loan with his excellent salary.

He joined the job and started working. The work environment was very good, and there were plenty of opportunities for progress in the future. He was feeling secure about his future.

Finally, the day of salary arrived. Allen was heavily disappointed when he received his first paycheck. It was indeed half of what he had the aspirations for.

What happened with Allen’s Education Loan?

As soon as Allen joined the job, his loan repayment was initiated. In addition, the loan company took half of his salary away. Allen started to calculate. He realised he would have to repay his loan like this for the next eight years.

How depressing for Allen!

Well, that was about Allen, but don’t we all know many such “Allens”. Or perhaps you are right where Allen is. Working your ass off for a living, and half of it will repay your education loan.

Education loan is a great thing. It helps you get an education from an institute. It has many benefits.

Taking out this loan relieves financial strain from your family and eliminates the need to spend all the savings on education. Education is getting expensive by the day. Education loans can be a boon if we are a little alert with our finance.

Most people think paying an education loan comes after the education, which is not necessarily true. Every single penny counts. You should start planning the repayment as soon as you have taken out the loan.

Why Repay your Education Loan Faster?

It is always wiser to get cleared of your debts as soon as possible. Paying the Cost of an education loan has multiple benefits. It prevents the depletion of your earnings.

Having your full salary for yourself can be financially liberating. You can utilise the amount to attain other financial motives or buy things yourself. Having zero debt allows you to take career risks and try new things that suit you better.

Not just this, having no debt will improve your credit score much better, and it will be easier for you to take out a loan in the future.

In a financial emergency, you can get up to 5000 loan bad credit no guarantor direct lender. If you have a good credit score, you could get a much better loan for your future endeavours, like starting your own business.

All the evidence suggests that repaying an education loan as soon as possible is critical, especially if you have plans to become financially independent and perhaps own your start-up in the future.

What happens if there is no repayment of the student loan?

Hmm. People often ask me, what is the worst that could happen in case of no payment of education loans? You see, education loans can be helpful, but in case of no payment, consequences can be severe.

Your lender will send you alerts and cautions to repay the education loan that helped you study in college. If you don’t follow the rules and pay the amount on time, the lender possesses the legal right to take necessary action.

The lender has legal rights over your assets and properties and can auction or use them. No payment of debts will affect your financial condition and place a significant financial burden on you.

In addition, all your hard work will keep going to the lender till the debt is clear. Another drawback is that the failure to make minimum payments will cause your credit score to be worst.

Therefore, it would be ideal for you to pay the education loan on time. Here we are discussing a few means to repay your education loan earliest. Hop on the ride and free yourself from all the debts.

Can we have the Calculations, Please?

You must have done the payback calculation while browsing for college loans, right! The calculation gives you the idea of repayment and how long it will take you to clear the debts.

The process of repaying an education debt should begin as early as possible. You have got the loan, so you know the monthly instalment term and the required amount to be paid. My suggestion is to obtain detailed information on loan interest rates and other processing fees.

Determine the precise amount required to pay off the debt completely, and compare it to the time taken. Try to reduce your interest rates as much as possible. Did you know that even minor changes in interest rates will affect and make your repayment easy?

Having all the calculations in your hand, you will be able to set a goal for yourself to clear up the debts.

Can we start saving up right from the first month?

Now that you have all the calculations, you can start saving. You can plan to repay the entire sum right from the first month. The first month might be difficult, as it takes time to settle the college timetable and find jobs.

You can begin working part-time. It will allow you to save a significant amount of money, which you can use to repay loans. The money you save will also be helpful for your daily expenses.

Using the saved amount, you can pay enough to pay a substantial amount of your debt, allowing you to pay off your remaining loan sooner. You can use the tools and software to calculate the monthly instalment and repayment of loans.

Can Find Source for Extra Income?

You may have been saving a fraction of your income from a part-time job. However, can we do better? Let’s think.

The Internet is filled with ways to make a few extra pounds. There are plenty of opportunities to make extra income with online share trading, cryptocurrency, freelancing, and social media influencer.

You can also become a seller or reseller who sells their services online. Every buck saved will help you get rid of your debt sooner.

Can We Build a Realistic, Powerful Budget?

Only earning wages and extra money can help you, but thinning is different from reality. You are studying in college, and you have some requirements like going on a date, buying some supplies for your studies, etc.

Making a budget will help you meet your needs and allow you to save some. Making a budget gives you an idea of your income and expenses. It will enable you to understand where your money is going.

It is time to create a budget that fits your lifestyle, giving you room for saving. Students live on the edges, so sticking to a strict budget shouldn’t be tough if you try a little.

Classify your expenses into non-essential and essentials, and then make the necessary cuts. Make a list of all costs and keep track of it.

Suppose you want to clear your debts early, save as much as possible. You’ll be astonished at your savings within a month.

Can We Save Some More?

It is better to set up a savings fund for student debt repayment. Deposit a fixed amount every month and better automate the process. Remember, you are saving to pay down your student loans.

Save every single pound you can, all of your extra cash. The sooner you pay up your education loans. Your finance is better.

Can we afford to pay more?

It is the basic rule of loan repayment, i.e. always pay more than the minimum monthly payment. Did you know that any additional funds you pay are subtracted directly from the principal?

It will reduce your interest. Even a small change in interest rate will lower your monthly payment. As soon as your repayments are cleared and debt-free, you can fulfil your wishes. Lay travelling or starting your own business. It will be much easier for you to get self employed loans for freelancers in the UK if you are debt free.

Can We Refinance?

Talk to the experts and find out if it is possible to lower the interest rates. If there is a possibility, refinancing is better to reduce your repayment amount.


It’s generally a good idea to pay your bills as quickly as feasible. Being debt-free allows you to take career chances and explore new things that better suit you.

It will significantly boost your credit score and make it easier for you to obtain loans in the future. The repayment of a student loan should begin as soon as possible.

Even little adjustments in interest rates will impact your payments and make it easier. The internet is brimming with ideas for earning some extra cash to assist you to pay off your obligations.

Take the journey, and you’ll be free of your obligations. Save as much as you can if you want to pay off your debts quickly. Every dollar you save will help you pay off your debt faster.

Making a budget offers you an understanding of how much money you should earn monthly and what would be the ideal amount to use for the expenses. It enables you to see where your money is going.

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