How To Increase Your Chances of Securing a Car Finance Post-Bankruptcy?

Car Finance Post-Bankruptcy

There could be multiple reasons behind bankruptcy. It could be a loss of business, job, or property because of pandemics.

Bankruptcy keeps its presence on an individual’s credit report for 6 years. But it is not fixed. If the individual does not comply with the Bankruptcy Order, the bankruptcy stays for 15 years on the credit report.

 Apart from this, a DRO (Debt Relief Order) will affect the credit rating for 6 years. DRO applies to individuals having a debt of less than £20k or lacking a regular income source.

How Does Bankruptcy Affect the Chances of Securing Car Finance?

After 6 years of bankruptcy period, the credit report does not reflect the bankruptcy status. Creditors conduct multiple checks before approving the car finance. Car finance is one of the most typical loans to qualify for in the UK. If you recently suffered bankruptcy, you can look for cheap car finance deals no deposit.

If you are still under bankruptcy status, you may not secure a loan above £500. If you want to exceed the loan limit, you would need to talk it out with the creditor. Creditors will reject applicants with bad credit and bankruptcy status. And too many rejections can affect the credit score adversely.

Some lenders offer different deals for car finance for students in the UK. Students need a car to commute from college to hostels. Thus, yes, students can get a car finance deal. But the lenders consider several aspects like income and credit score for approving the finance. 

What Parameters could Affect car finance for students in the UK approval?

Securing a car finance deal becomes critical for students. Multiple factors could affect car finance for students in the UK approval. These include:


Before applying for car finance, students should build up their credit. Having a credit score is a have to improve the chances of securing a good car finance deal. In the absence of proper repayment proof, the lenders may not guarantee the loan. If a student cannot pay back the car finance repayments on time, it can put both the creditor and the borrower at risk.

2)Deposit contribution

Having a deposit helps in improving the chances of car finance approval. But paying upfront becomes challenging for a student.

3)Credit history

If you are applying for car finance first time. You probably get rejected because you lack a credit record. Many students with poor or bad credit find it hard to get a loan. It is ideal to ensure credit and seek a debt consolidation bad credit loan with no guarantor. Consolidating debts will help improve credit score gradually.

How Can One Improve the Chances of Securing Car Finance while in bankruptcy?

In most situations, you may find securing a car finance deal challenging. If you are paying for your car finance on the current finance agreement, the official managing the bankruptcy analyzes the importance of the car in your present circumstances.

In some situations, the bankruptcy manager allows one car finance- these situations include disability or residence in a remote region devoid of transport facilities. If the manager permits, check cheap car finance deals with no deposit and enquire if one suits you.

But the officer may allow you to buy the car only if he considers it as essential. If the receiver manages the case, the lenders choose not to interfere. Thus, you might not get a car finance loan. Here are two ways to get car finance without debt consolidation loan on bad credit in the UK.

How To improve Car Finance Approval Chances Post-Bankruptcy?

Securing car finance after bankruptcy is challenging, as lenders impose strict rules surrounding the repayments.  

But you can file for a car finance post-bankruptcy status elimination. Maintain regular payments on the finance. Unlike good credit individuals, individuals with poor credit status and bankruptcy are less likely to get leeway. Let’s understand tips to secure cheap car finance deals with no deposit.

a)Make efforts towards improving your credit score

The first thing to check once your credit report sends a clean check on bankruptcy is – building your credit score. The credit score gets severely affected during bankruptcy years.

Thus, check the delinquencies in the credit report, pay off pending debts or seek debt consolidation bad credit loan no guarantor; refrain from taking high-interest credits immediately. An improved credit score signifies credibility to the creditor. Impeccable credit history is your way to secure a car finance hassle-free.

b)Check for the “discharged bankruptcy”

Before seeking any credit and re-starting your credit journey, ensure whether the bankruptcy status on your credit report is marked “DISCHARGED” or not. Once this happens, your credit score will start rising again.

c)Change the vehicle preference

Bankruptcy limits the car finance options for the borrower. Thus, re-evaluate the circumstances and choose cheap car finance deals with no deposit. You might find the car finance deal a little expensive, owing to the bankruptcy status.

d)Save for the car deposit

If you wish to rationalize your dreams of securing car finance hassle-free. Plan the deposits. A large deposit amount increases your chances of securing car financing. One thing to note here is that borrowing post-bankruptcy can be costly with high-interest rates. Thus, it would be ideal for saving early and depositing the amount to get the finance.

e)Shop around for the best loan offers

After saving and building your credit, shop around for cheap car finance deals with no deposit. 

Do a proper comparison of the terms and conditions of the loan from different car finance on bad credit lenders. Get pre-approval for the car loan if you find the terms suitable. A pre-approval can help you understand details like total repayments, interest rates, and repayment duration. Pre-approval does not guarantee car finance. You will need to go through the creditor’s eligibility criteria to get car finance approval.

f)Search for a part-time earning opportunity

Bankruptcy tests patience and the ability to re-start the financial journey. Don’t fall back on what you just lost. Plan the future. Search for a job and a side gig that could help you ensure an improved income. A promising income generates credibility in the lender’s eye.

It even helps improve the credit score. Thus, ensure full-time and part-time job opportunities in the initial stages post-bankruptcy. If car finance matters to you, having a steady income will help you fetch a decent deal.

g)Consider having a co-signer on the loan

Finding a cheap car finance deal with a bankruptcy status can be problematic. In such a situation, you can have a co-signer on loan. A co-signer is like a secondary borrower who agrees to agree with you on car finance. Finding a co-signer on a loan is equally difficult for a borrower with a bankruptcy status.

If you find a co-signer who agrees with you, acquaint him with the terms and conditions.  

A co-signer is someone close- father, mother, spouse, etc. A lender considers the credit scores of both borrower and the co-signer before approving the car finance.

Getting approval on cheap car finance deals with no deposit isn’t free from challenges. The co-signer needs to have a good credit score. The co-signer and borrower’s credit score would be severely affected if the borrower could not repay the loan in full until the term was up.  

The co-signer will pay the repayments. And if this happens, it could affect the relationship between the borrower and the co-signer later. Thus, think twice before having a co-signer on the car finance agreement.

h)Check for the loans with the lowest interest rates

While searching and exploring car finance deals, prioritize low-interest rates offerings. You can search for the best loan offers with banks, credit unions, and auto loan lenders. Seek pre-approval than pre-qualification on the car finance if you are ready to take it. Pre-qualification is all about just checking the rates.

These are some ways that could help secure car finance post-bankruptcy. Choose the ideal lender for car finance circumstances and needs. Bankruptcy makes it almost impossible to secure a credit hassle-free. Thus, one should avoid declaring bankruptcy by taking the needed financial help. The above points will help secure car finance on bad credit post-bankruptcy. For more, contact us.

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