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Representative Example: Credit Amount - £7,000 for 12 months at £752.73 per month. Total loan repayment amount of £9032.80. Interest Amount: £2032.80. Interest rate: 49.9% pa (fixed). 49.9% APR Representative.

Find your perfect ride with affordable personal car financing

Whether you are interested in buying your first dream car or decided to upgrade your existing model to a newer one, whatever you need, it requires significant investment. In that situation, bad credit will bring more complications when applying for traditional loans. Still, it does mean that bad credit will stop you from getting the loan.

At Advanceloanday, we understand that navigating the financing options when buying a car can be tricky. We offer personalised deals based on your circumstances. In addition to this, we also have personal car finance for beginners, even with no credit or low credit histories.

Buying a car is a significant investment. Now, navigating the various financing options can be simple. Our team of experts assists you in framing the best deals at competitive rates with more flexible options.

On the other hand, we are committed to providing you with a hassle-free car financing experience. Consequently, if you are ready to buy your dream car, let us help you realise it with our flexible financing options.

What does personal car finance mean?

Personal car finance is the viable funding option available for people looking for financial support to purchase a car for personal use without paying the total purchase price upfront. In such a case, you will get sufficient money to buy the car and repay the loan and interest over a set period.

However, it could be a new or used car. These financing options include personal loans, personal contract purchases, hire purchase agreements, and lease agreements.

- How does personal car finance work?

The financing option that is right for you will vary based on your circumstances, including your budget, the type of car you are interested in buying, and how long you plan to keep the car. With the proper understanding, you can easily explore these options and find the best financing solution for your requirements.

To apply for this finance, you typically need to provide information, including:

  • Your income
  • Credit score
  • Employment history

We will use this information to analyse and determine if you are eligible for financing and what financing options are perfect for you.

personal car finance

If you are looking for affordable options, you might want to check out our cheap personal car leasing deals available in the market. Once the financing is approved, you can choose the car you wish to purchase and negotiate the price with the seller. We will pay the seller directly, and you need to make regular payments to us until the loan is fully repaid.

Our personal car finance is also available for low credit scores. These are highly convenient and flexible. It allows you to spread the cost of the car over time.

Who can opt for personal car finance?

Personal car finance is one of the most popular financing options for many individuals. It can be a lifesaver for people purchasing a car for personal use. Typically, these kinds of finances are perfect for,

Those who like to switch cars can often go with this financing choice. It can be a good option for anyone looking to finance a car for personal use. With the increasing need in mind, we offer personal car finance for people who are blacklisted by any traditional lenders. To explore your options, you must approach us.

Is personal car finance available with adverse credit?

You can still get car finance if you have bad credit, but your options might be limited in this situation. Still, do not feel disappointed. We are the direct lenders and always aim to bring customer-centric solutions with proper understanding.

Everyone deserves to own a car, regardless of their credit history. Therefore, we offer personal car finance for poor credit to meet your unique needs. Here we specialise in helping individuals with any credit history to secure car financing.

We know that a poor credit score can make securing any traditional financing option for a new car challenging. Nevertheless, poor credit should not stand in the way of owning the car of your dreams.

Our team of experts understands the challenges of a low credit score, so we will work with you to prepare the best personal car finance for bad credit possible. Instead of credit checks, we focus on your income stability, repayment ability, and other financial sources. By proving your repayment capability, you will get the funds you want.

approved car finance

If you need better credit and help securing financing for your new car, we are here to help. Contact us today, and let's work together to make your dream of owning a car a reality.

Why do businesses utilise personal car finance?

Personal car finance permits businesses to spread the cost of the vehicle over a specified period instead of making a lump sum payment upfront. This will be the perfect way to get peace of mind during an emergency financial shortfall. However, these finances can provide benefits for individuals who use their car for business purposes, including:

As a business person, if you are using your car for business purposes, try to approach us. We offer the best personal car finance for business, which supports you to meet all your exact needs.

Why is Advanceloanday seamless for personal car financing?


Are you looking for the best financing options to buy your dream car? Or perhaps you need a little more extra cash to upgrade your old car? We could help you cover the expenses of a new or used car.

At Advanceloanday, we are committed to providing you with a hassle-free car financing experience with affordable financing options. As the responsible direct lender, we offer you competitive rates and flexible financing options than any other private car finance companies in the market.

Our team of experts will take the time to understand your needs and help you find the right financing solution for your economic condition. We also facilitate private car finance for bad credit to give you added peace of mind. We are here to help you every step of the way, from finding the right car to securing the best financing options.

Everyone's financial needs and circumstances differ, so we also offer some personal car leasing deals. To get a specialised solution based on your individual needs, it is better to get a quote from us without impacting your credit score at any time. With the help of the quote, you can quickly see how much this finance costs.


Is a deposit required to avail of this finance?

You usually do not need to deposit to avail of this finance. Sometimes it depends on the type of financing option or the financing terms you have chosen. Usually, direct lenders eliminate the need for a deposit upfront, while others may require a deposit.

Can I pay off the finance early?

Yes, it's possible to pay off your agreement early. It is always better to approach direct lenders to avoid early repayment charges. In addition, it is also essential to check the terms and conditions of your agreement.

Can I use personal finance to purchase a used car?

You can also use this financing option to purchase new and used cars. However, the age and condition of the car may affect the loan amount and interest rates offered by the lender. Therefore, focus on the exact financing terms while applying.

What kind of documents do I need to apply?

The documents required for personal car finance may vary depending on the lender but typically include proof of income, identification documents like a passport or driver's license, and employment details.

Can we negotiate the interest rate on the agreement?

Yes. You can also negotiate the interest rate on your finance agreement, especially if you have a good credit score and a stable income. In most cases, the lender may not always be willing to reduce the interest rate, so it's essential to compare different terms and financing options to find the best deal.

What happens if I make a default on the agreement?

If you miss a payment or default on your Finance agreement, the lender may charge late fees and collect some additional interest from you. If the missed payment is not rectified, it is also possible to take legal action against you or repossess the car.

What our customers say

I struggled to secure car finance due to my poor credit score, but Advanceloanday came to my rescue. The team was friendly and professional, and they helped me get approved for a car loan with affordable monthly payments. I'm now driving my dream car thanks to this wonderful lending service.

- Mark Brown, London

I recently purchased a car through personal car finance and couldn't be happier with their service. The application process was straightforward, and their team was always available to answer my questions. The team worked with me to find a car loan that fits my budget, and their team was accommodating throughout the process. I would use them again in the future.

- John Patel, Leicester

I was impressed by how quickly Advanceloanday approved my car loan application. Their rates were competitive, and their team was friendly and knowledgeable. I recommend this service to anyone looking for a reliable car finance provider.

- Rachel Lee, Glasgow

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Representative Example: Credit Amount - £7,000 for 12 months at £752.73 per month. Total loan repayment amount of £9032.80. Interest Amount: £2032.80. Interest rate: 49.9% pa (fixed). 49.9% APR Representative.

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