Direct Lender Loans

Get instant and direct loan advantages despite a bad credit score...

  •  Cost-effective loans
  •  High acceptance
  •  Emergency funding
  •  Apply from anywhere
  •  Short-term and long-term funding

Representative Example: Credit Amount - £4,000 for 12 months at £430.13 per month. Total loan repayment amount of £5161.60. Interest Amount: £161.60. Interest rate: 49.9% pa (fixed). 49.9% APR Representative.

Direct lender loans - No delay, no hassle

Financial emergencies may not bother you if direct help is there. Mainstream lenders may not entertain you in this scenario, and contacting a broker may take time. You do not have to indulge in such formalities since you have the alternative of direct lender loans.

Advanceloanday is a responsible direct lending place where loans are available with direct benefits, particularly for those with credit score issues. We offer bespoke lending terms where they can obtain £1000 and £25000 for a maximum duration of 12 - 84 months. There is nothing to pay extra to get that amount. It means you pay only the interest rates.

Getting affordable direct lender loans for bad credit people is easy with us. You find what you deserve, and everything will be within your repayment capacity. Other features include:-

  • No Upfront Fees
  • Higher Acceptance Rates
  • 100% Online Process

What is a direct lender loan online?

Direct lender loans online are a type of financial assistance with direct communication between the lender and the borrower. There is no involvement of a loan broker. The loan aspirants research themselves to find a lender, and after they find one, they directly discuss everything with the lender.

The importance of a direct lender comes to realise when someone approaches a brokering company. It may be a good option to find genuine deals, but it is also time-consuming and costly. You have to pay broker’s fees, and the process may take a week to have the desired funds. On the other hand, direct lender loans are available quickly, and sometimes, you may get needed funds on the same day.

Nevertheless, it does not mean you do not need to research hard because you can easily find a direct lender. It is still a requirement because finding a suitable lender is very important.

You may find a long list of direct lenders if you explore the UK marketplace. They have their terms and conditions, and not all are relevant to your financial needs. At Advanceloanday, we responsibly offer each loan deal where AFFORDABILITY meets with the POSSIBILITY of solving financial issues.

We welcome people with bad credit scores to our lending doors, and they can explore our dedicated deals. There is no concern about interest rates and repayments because we are flexible in our lending approach.

What are the benefits of direct lender loans for bad credit?

A poor credit score cuts down many opportunities to borrow funds at crucial times. You have a low score. Maybe circumstances were not in your favour. Besides, you might have made certain mistakes in delaying the payments. Still, you deserve a second chance, accessible as direct lender loans for bad credit.

You will not face any denial, such as from mainstream lenders. Instead, loan acceptance is always possible if you can afford the loan and the interest rates.

Here are some benefits of loans for bad credit from direct lenders:

  • Easy monthly instalments

    When a direct lender like us provides a loan for bad credit, it will come as a specialised funding product. Numbers are huge of those facing poor credit, and thus, the demand for loans has increased. We do not disappoint anyone with low credit. Therefore, we have kept loans on manageable monthly instalments, which you can bring out from your monthly income without disturbing your regular expenses.

  • Acceptance of adverse credit score

    Many people have less-than-perfect credit scores, but some have very poor credit ratings. They also face rejections but not here. We are among those direct lenders who can provide very bad credit loans to individuals with bank default or County Court Judgement (CCJ). However, they have to be good in their recent handling of finances. In addition, they have to prove their loan affordability.


Advanceloanday...a lending destination where pre-approved loans are waiting for you

We offer personal and business loans at the most affordable rates and beyond your credit score

Are direct lender loans available with no credit check?


There is no doubt about the ease and comfort of getting direct lender loans in the UK. Still, no lender can offer a loan without a credit check. It is a mandatory process but also a vital one. Assessing the applicant’s credit history helps a lender identify their affordability before assigning a loan. However, it should not be a hard credit check, as it is not good for your credit profile.

On the other hand, Advanceloanday also goes through the credit histories of the applicants, but it is a soft credit check. It will not be noted down on your credit record, and loan opportunities will be there for you.

A no-credit-check is related to no hard credit assessment, but a soft one will ensure loan affordability. If direct lender loans with no credit check are possible, then only in rare circumstances, such as:

  • You have already applied for a loan from us recently and made all instalments on time;
  • You need only a small amount to borrow, and you can afford its repayments from your stable monthly income;
  • You have not yet applied for a loan. It is your first time, but you have no credit history.

Can I get short-term and long-term loans from direct lenders?

You will often see short-term loans from direct lenders, as they are flexible to provide a loan with least formalities. They provide these loans to ensure instant funding access for the applicants.

Surprisingly, you will find our names among those few direct lenders in the UK also offering long-term loans. We offer these loans on instant approval and same-day funding. We give you multiple options to choose from. If you have an important financial goal, you can use our long-term loans. We also have short-term loans on flexible terms for financial emergencies or smaller needs.

Long-Term Direct Lender Loans

These are funding products available for a large amount to borrow and for a longer duration. These are extremely useful for planned expenses.

Here are the types of long-term loans:

Secured loans: These loans are available for a larger amount, but you need to invest an asset to secure the loan. It will have lower interest rates.

Business loans: If you want sufficient funding for your business, you can apply here for loans. We fund your business needs and contribute in its growth.

Debt consolidation loans: Having multiple debts is not good for your finances, but now you can merge them into a single loan option to pay only one interest rate.

Short-Term Direct Lender Loans

These are small personal loans available with a small amount and end early. You should apply for them or fill the funding gap during a financial emergency.

Given below are the options available under short-term loans:

Unemployed loans: These are specifically available for those with no job in hand. You can avail of enough funds to keep up the cash flow on the backup of part-time earnings.

No guarantor loans: These types of small loans are helpful for people with bad credit scores. They can submit loan applications despite not having a guarantor.

Unsecured loans: Getting a risk-free loan during a financial emergency is what you want. Opt for these unsecured loans with no fear of losing an asset.

How do I apply for instant loans from direct lenders?

You get only online loans from direct lenders to apply. It is a reliable way to get instant funding, and there will be no formalities to follow. It will take only 5 minutes to complete, and we do not need any documents to support your application. We assure you of the security of your personal details. These will not be revealed to anyone without your permission.

Before submitting the loan request, you should analyse your affordability and ask for the exact amount you need. Do not ask for a larger amount unnecessarily.

Here is the application procedure to get loans from direct lenders like us:

Decide the loan term and amount according to the prevailing situation.
Fill out a single-page application form online with a few details and submit it.
Receive a quick loan quote, analyse the rates and term, and approve it.
We instantly accept your loan application after a soft credit check.
Funds will be transferred online to your bank account on the same day.

Why Advanceloanday?

Your search for the best direct lenders should end here. From easy application, instant approval, no formalities, and quick funding to acceptance on bad credit, we have everything you need during a financial emergency.

We may be the new direct lenders in the UK marketplace, but we have a team of loan experts who are aware of making borrower-friendly loan deals. We deal only online to ensure same-day loan benefits irrespective of your personal and business purposes.

Suppose you want extra funds to complete a financial goal or to calm down the effects of a financial urgency. You get the maximum benefits of direct lender loans at Advanceloanday.

We provide you with a loan with these direct lending features:-


We are experienced enough to offer loans with friendly norms that fulfil your financial ends.


We have been able to win the trust of our borrowers by providing them with personalised loan deals.


Our loans are relevant to your financial purposes, as they are away from formalities.


How can I get a direct lender loan with bad credit?

Getting a direct lender loan with no impact of bad credit is relatively easier. However, you need to follow some important points, including:

  • Ask for only affordable amounts only
  • Clear all the pending debts before applying for a loan
  • Pay all recent bills on time and show improvement in credit score

Are direct lender bad credit instalment loans available on guaranteed approval?

A loan can only be guaranteed once if the applicants show their affordability. For this, you need to earn a stable monthly income and should not use savings for making repayments. Therefore, we can guarantee a loan if you manage loan instalments from your earnings.

What is the difference between direct lender loans and payday loans?

Direct lender loans and payday loans are considerably different from each other. However, payday loans or salary day loans are also available from direct lenders. Still, there is a significant difference between them.

Direct lender loans are available for larger amounts and for a longer duration as compared to payday loans. Both personal and business purposes can be fulfilled. On the other hand, payday funding is for a very small amount and ends on the next salary day. These are useful for financial emergencies only.

How legitimate are direct lender loans?

Only those loans from direct lenders are legitimate and are offered on individual affordability. The interest rates should be reasonable and manageable from the monthly income of the applicants. These loans should be available for all credit scores, particularly those with bad ones. Besides, legit direct lender loans do not include extra costs like upfront charges.

Why to get loans from direct lenders only?

There are many reasons to apply for a loan from a direct lender only, such as:

  • Flexible lending terms
  • Online application only
  • Instant loan decision
  • Acceptance on bad credit score
  • Affordable interest rates

What our customers say:

I had many doubts about availing a loan from a direct lender. It was particularly in the extra cost to pay. But when I communicated with Advanceloanday, all my doubts got cleared. I have applied for a bad credit loan here, and the interest rates are quite reasonable. Thank you

-John Martin

Getting a loan without a good credit score was quite tough. Advanceloanday has made things a lot more comfortable for me thanks to their flexible lending. You acted instantly on my loan application. However, the interest rate can be lower regarding secured bad credit loans. Overall, I have had a good experience with the company.

-Stuart Cairns

Trustworthiness is the key when someone wants a loan from a direct lender. I always approach Advanceloanday when I need a loan because I trust the company. They treated my application with a soft credit check and no upfront fee. Monthly instalments are manageable for me, also. Thanks a lot

-Marie Jones

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Representative Example: Credit Amount - £4,000 for 12 months at £430.13 per month. Total loan repayment amount of £5161.60. Interest Amount: £161.60. Interest rate: 49.9% pa (fixed). 49.9% APR Representative.

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