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Get an easy approval deal on long-term loans. Perceive the need for long-term funding beyond a credit score. Use funds for any purpose.

  • Loans catering to sizeable demands
  • Purpose-built loan deals
  • User-friendly approach
  • Straightforward formalities
  • Fair lending

Representative Example: Credit Amount - £6,000 for 6 months at £1150.48 per month. Total loan repayment amount of £6902.87. Interest Amount: £609.87. Interest rate: 49.9% pa (fixed). 49.9% APR Representative.

Substantial needs match best with long-term loans

Loans offered for longer duration evenly distribute the cost of repayment for you. It is the best feature of long-term loans. Besides, these loans allow you to borrow for any significant financial need with flexibility.

At Advanceloanday, you can avail yourself of our tailor-made loan proposals. It will have an amount ranging between £1000 and £100000. With us, obtaining a loan amount that suffices your needs and complements your budget is effortless.

Comparing our services with mainstream lenders can be an eye-opener for you. We respect your expectations. Keeping them in mind, we mould our offerings accordingly.

We believe the basis of a sound financial decision should be facts. Here, the above list can give you some idea about the upcoming deal that you may receive from us.

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What are long-term loans?

These loans come with a prolonged repayment period, as evident from the name itself. It has to suit the borrower’s convenience and repaying capability. Moreover, long-term loans should have a dedicated and significant purpose to cater to.

The repayment duration will be longer than any short-term financing option. With the interest rate being so competitive, finding our match will be difficult. Gain a whole new experience by borrowing from us.

Where do long-term personal loans fit the most to use?

People consider having these loans to accomplish larger financial commitments. You can utilise long-term personal loans in the best ways possible. For this, just make sure your financial potential will allow you to afford the repayments.

These loans are a perfect solution for any unprecedented emergencies. Put simply, you can have these loans for varied reasons.

Sudden Expenses: Paying off pending bills, rent, school tuition, holiday expenses etc., will not overwhelm you anymore. These loans can provide you with backup funding.

Business Launch: Setting up a business is quite challenging if you do not have enough money. Use these loans to fetch the needed amount to maintain the business’s cash flow.

Settling Debts: Your life cannot go smoothly if you have the baggage of outstanding debts. Get rid of it by using these loans for debt consolidation purposes.

Urgent repairs: Another usage of these loans is home-improvement. You can gather the necessary loan amount to repair your home urgently.

Purchase a car: Make your daily commutation easy by having your car. Do not worry about the cost. You can cover this by getting long-term loans from direct lenders.

The utility of these loans will fascinate you. It is also because you can have the same to arrange the down payment for the mortgage. The borrowing extent allows you to manage any bigger financial requirement.

I have bad credit. Are long-term loans possible for me?

Of course! We do not perceive credit scores as crucial to judging your potential. Therefore, getting long-term loans for bad credit is doable with Advanceloanday. Unlike typical loan providers, your credit history has no significance to us.

What matters to us, then? Your affordability will garner more attention. Keeping aside your credit background, we are ready to offer financial assistance to:

Obtain long-term loans for bad credit from direct lenders only. You will not repent later. These loans gift wrap extensive feasibility for a person experiencing a tough financial time.

Long-term loans are available with both guarantor and no guarantor option. You can check your eligibility and apply online at Advanceloanday.

What benefits to obtain on a long-term loan with bad credit?

We know that bad credit is one of the biggest setbacks of your life. For long-term loan with bad credit, make sure that you get the opportunity to downsize the effect of these setbacks. How? For that, you will have to go through the benefits of availing of our services.

Why do you need long-term loans for bad credit?

Despite your less-than-perfect credit scores, our loan offerings are easy to access. Should it be the only motivation for you? The decision about getting long-term loans for bad credit in the UK should be backed by concrete grounds like:

Achieving financial goals: You may need a push to kick-start a new financial resolution. These loans can provide the support you have been expecting to get.

Credit building opportunity: You can have a decent start to constructing a credit history. Get long-term loans for bad credit and repay on time for a positive start.

Easy-to-qualify conditions: Eligibility requirements are limited here. This type of setup ensures equal opportunity for everybody who wishes to approach us.

Tax benefits: Tax exemption is possible in some cases. Validate if this could be the dose of motivation for you.

How do repayments process on long-term loans with low APR?

You can get the exact amount you will pay back by analysing the repayments. Lower monthly payments let you fetch long-term loans with low APR. If you want, you can automate the repayment process.

On the due date, the decided amount will deduct from your account due to automation. However, you can do it manually, also. The repayment amount will comprise capital and interest.

It will vary according to the term, which can be 1 year, 5 years, 7 years or 10 years or so. Longer duration needs lower payments. Nevertheless, you will have to spend more on interest.

How to apply for a long-term loan?

Do you want long-term loans with no guarantor from a direct lender? In that case, you must help us fulfil this wish. All you need to do is to complete a few essential steps.

It will initiate the process of application with us. Rest assured we will not take you through a tiring process.

Why Advanceloanday only?

The market is swarming with different types of lending options. Certainly, we are one among them. Why should you get long-term loans from us only? We have realised some features should help you differentiate our services. Here they are:


What details should I provide to apply for a long-term loan online?

You must start the application with basic details like name, age, address, income, loan amount and preferred loan term. Proof of income is a must when sending the loan request. If needed, we may ask for other details later.

Do long-term loans have any downsides?

You must keep aside a substantial amount for loan payments every month. Affording these loans is a challenge if the monthly cash flow is inconsistent. Make sure to get these loans when you have a major financial milestone to achieve.

Will anything drastic happen if I miss payments?

Yes, you cannot ignore late charges and other fees in case of late payments. In short, you will have to expend more than you should. Moreover, delayed payments will hit your credit scores very badly.

Are these loans right for me?

Remember one thing long-term loans are a big responsibility. You need to keep up with loan payments for years. Repaying should not be a problem if you prefer opting for an affordable loan with a suitable repayment term.

Can I repay these loans ahead of time?

Of course, you can. We do not have any obligation to restrict you from pre-paying loans. However, the amount you will repay before the time will be huge. Pay attention to financial circumstances ahead of making any decision.

Our customers’ experience:

I have been desperately searching for long-term loans in the UK amidst a crisis. I cannot rely on other loan options as the need was quite big. Thankfully, Advanceloanday happened to me. You just took away all my worries.

-Amanda Johnson

Thank you so much, Advanceloanday! Sailing through that tough situation would have been difficult if you were not with me. You have not only processed my request fast but also ensured I made the right decision to have long-term loans from you.

- Andrew

I am one of your returning customers. The reason is quite obviously the customisation you do to make long-term loans more suitable for borrowers like me. I will be happy to recommend Advanceloanday to my family and friends.


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