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Get car finance in minutes despite credit score

  •  All credit considered
  •  Quick decision on the finance
  •  Speedy access to funds
  •  Make overpayments free of charge

Representative Example: Credit Amount - £7,000 for 12 months at £752.73 per month. Total loan repayment amount of £9032.80. Interest Amount: £2032.80. Interest rate: 49.9% pa (fixed). 49.9% APR Representative.

Unlock your wheels with bad credit car finance

You need a huge investment irrespective of type of car you buy. In such a scenario, getting car finance could bring sufficient funding to purchase your dream car despite your credit history.

As the direct lender, we know managing the perfect credit score is always more complicated. Therefore, we offer bad credit car finance for specific situations that assist you in covering all your needs.

You can obtain the amount ranging from £1000 to £50000 for a maximum duration of 7 years. The interest rate will differ based on your financial conditions and requirements.

Are you interested in getting funds for bad credit? You have come to the perfect place. We offer guaranteed car finance because we know that it is first and foremost, this as that is most people's preferred option.

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What is car finance? How does it work?

Car finance is one of the common types of personal credit, which lets you get greater cash flow to buy a car. Through this funding option, you can buy directly from a dealer, private seller, or lender and, finally, the car will be yours from day one.

Usually, car finance for bad credit involves borrowing lump sum of money to fund your car. However, you need to make affordable monthly payments of your agreed term.

The interest rates are also less when you approach trustworthy car finance lenders for getting bad credit funds. The longer you choose to pay, the lesser the payment is, but you need to pay more interest overall.

Thus, choosing the most realistic finances based on your budget is better. You must contact us if you need help getting the best deal with imperfect credit. We have better deals for everyone.

The complete process is straightforward, meaning you can easily apply online and get a decision within hours. You can quickly learn the process by knowing which type of finance you need.

How guaranteed car finance can be possible?

Getting guaranteed car finance for bad credit from a direct lender is simple yet straightforward. We don’t judge if you have a poor credit score. Instead, our team considers your repayment capability and affordability based on the current situation.

Our whole application process is simple and has no obligation. At the same time, it is free to use. Most importantly, it will not impact your credit. We offer guaranteed finance by working closely with your exact situation.

In such a case, you must prove you can pay the monthly instalments. While you get poor credit car finance from a direct lender like us, you will enjoy the below benefits:

  • No deposit needed
  • No arrangement fees
  • Sensible interest rates

Several factors determine while applying for car finance, and funds can be accessible subject to circumstances. We work with various credit profiles and offer assured finance by checking the repayment ability instead of a credit check. Especially if you need better credit, we will offer the best car finance deals.

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How is car financing advantageous to bad credit people?

In general, getting guaranteed deals on car finance from a direct lender lets anyone explore many potential advantages. Given below are a few advantages that this financing option may include:

What are the available types of bad credit car finance?

Getting financing on the car will be ideal at any time. It is better to understand how to get car finance with bad credit by analysing the terms before making any decision.

Our terms are simple and straightforward. As long as you can afford the repayments, we can consider your application without past credit errors. Our primary concern is your current financial performance. If it is satisfactory, you are good to go with financing your car.

Therefore, you can get finance competitively regardless of your condition. Now, look at available types of car finance for bad credit:

Does no guarantor car finance available for poor credit?

It is a common myth that individuals, who have been declined for availing finance in the past, cannot get approved for any bad credit finance from a direct lender without a guarantor. However, we do not agree, and we know that your past credit history should not hold you back from accessing funds, and we want to offer you a chance.

You can easily avail of car finance with no guarantor by approaching us. The funds will be available based on your financial circumstances, like your repayment capability, income source, properties, etc.

In this type of finance, you are solely liable for your repayments. However, it tends to be more popular when compared to guarantor finances as they give you comfort with independence.

Besides, improving the credit scores is also possible because you will make the repayments, and if you do it on time, your scores will go up, inviting more funding opportunities in the future.

What are the tips for boosting credit scores with car finance?

Accessing the most affordable interest rate on car finance and less repayment means it is still worth improving your credit rating. Here are some of the tips that support you in pulling off your credit score in the finest way:

Can I acquire finance on my car with adverse credit?

You can effortlessly get very bad credit car finance by approaching us. This is because we look at more than your credit history into account. We consider other factors, including your payment history, financial background, and the repayment ability to afford the amount.

We like to facilitate a chance for everyone by offering an instant decision on car finance for people with bad credit. As such, we offer an online form to see if you are eligible for the particular finance.

Here is how you can apply for finance even with poor credit:

We also accept bad credit car finance requests even with defaults, CCJs, debt arrears, etc. You must approach us if you have not taken any advances or funds due to poor credit scores.

How do I apply for car finance if I have a bad credit score?

With a wide range of vehicles available, we can facilitate many options. With us, you can think seriously about your car purchase. Be it new finance or pre-approved for bad credit, we make the process straightforward. When applying for funds, it is better to consider our car finance calculator to know about terms, including repayment, interest rates, and the amount you seek.

Our process includes,

No obligation quotes:

You can easily approach us to get perfect quotes for car finance. It allows you to know a real rate.

Online application:

Our online application process takes a few minutes to complete.

Soft credit check:

We offer a soft-search facility that will check your eligibility for finance on the car without affecting your credit score.

Quick response from us:

Following form completion, our team will let you know if you are eligible for a loan and update you about the document submission.

Say hello to your dream car:

Once your application is approved, we send the instant cash to buy your dream car.

If you are provisionally accepted, we can directly move your application onto our in-house finance team, who will support you in getting pre-approved car finance options for bad credit.

How Advanceloanday brings the right car finance?

Require new or used car finance in the UK but have bad credit? You are at the right place. Poor credit history or adverse credit score should not stop you from approaching Advanceloanday for car finance.

We are experts in facilitating the finest deals by understanding your exact scenario subject to your budget. On the other hand, you can easily access our car finance calculator to benefit from the best financing deals in the UK.

With extensive industry experience, we offer more options tailored to certain people. It assists you in navigating cheap car finance and offers 24/7 friendly support to get money immediately, regardless of your credit history.

Be it your first wheels or a family run-around, our motto is to help you find your next car. If you know what you need, you must contact us for the right deal with guidance.

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Is 0% financing available on a used car?

Normally, 0% financing is not available for used cars. A free finance is about as good a deal at the same time as it is possible to get where finance contracts are concerned. You can save huge money through interest-free car finance, which might run for three to five years. However, it is only available for the new car as an incentive to attract buyers.

Can I get finance for the car if I have a default?

Yes, you will get car finance for bad credit even if you have any missed payments or defaulted in the past. Some direct lenders in the UK will offer such support by understanding your circumstances. However, the lenders believe your credit report doesn’t tell the full story. Hence, contact the direct lender to get car finance even if you have had any defaults.

What happens at the final stage of PCP?

This kind of finance is secured against the vehicle. We are not providing a PCP car finance agreement, but we suggest you to research well before finalising the provider.

Will applying for car finance affect my credit history?

Not. Most direct lenders will offer guaranteed car finance with no credit check, so it does not affect your credit score. Instead, you can build your credit score through proper monthly repayments.

Do I need a deposit for car finance?

Generally, a deposit is not required to get finance, but if you deposit something, it will allow you to borrow comparatively an affordable amount. While collecting funds, you need to prove that you repay money responsibly. Getting finances with lower monthly payments lets you save money for an extended period.

Is bad credit car finance obtainable with CCJ?

Yes, car finance can be easily accessible even with CCJs. In general, having a County Court Judgement makes it more challenging to get car finance. Still, it doesn't necessarily mean you won't be able to get approved. Although the terms will vary based on your current financial situation, to access the cheapest car finance with CCJ, it is better to get deals from direct lenders.

Our customers’ experience:

With my bad credit, I struggled to get bad credit car finance in Manchester, but Advanceloanday allowed me to get the car I needed. The process was stress-free, and the team was extremely cooperative during the entire process. I recommend this lending service to individuals who need money in a similar situation.

-Avery, Manchester, UK

Advanceloanday is the car finance giant, and it guided me throughout the process gave me a second chance when it came to buying a car. The team went above and beyond to help me find finance I could afford, and I'm now driving a car I love. I can't thank them enough for their support and understanding.

Tobias, London

Several lenders turned me down before I discovered affordable car finance in Southampton by approaching this lender. They didn't analyse my situation based on my credit score but instead focused on helping me find the right finance. I'm now the proud owner of a car I never thought I could afford.

Jack, Southampton, UK

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Representative 49.9% APR

Representative Example: Credit Amount - £7,000 for 12 months at £752.73 per month. Total loan repayment amount of £9032.80. Interest Amount: £2032.80. Interest rate: 49.9% pa (fixed). 49.9% APR Representative.

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