No Credit Check Loans

Keep your fear of credit check out by having our affordable loans available online without documentation.

  •  10-minutes loan
  •  Pay weekly or monthly
  •  Fund transfer on same day
  •  Bad credit accepted
  •  Affordable APRs

Representative Example: Credit Amount - £4,000 for 12 months at £430.13 per month. Total loan repayment amount of £5161.60. Interest Amount: £161.60. Interest rate: 49.9% pa (fixed). 49.9% APR Representative.

Know what no credit check loans are

You must be tired of facing rejections on your loan applications. You may now think that options with bad credit scores are almost no more. It is the stage where you wish to have easy loan options, like no credit check loans.

In reality, these loans are not the particular loan product but are available as the facility while availing a loan. However, every lender has to perform a credit check to estimate the affordability of the loan applicants. You are fortunate to have the services of Advanceloanday, as you get the relevant suggestions on what to do on no credit check loans for bad credit.

A no credit check loan is a deal where the lenders do not execute a ‘hard’ credit check. Instead, they involve a ‘soft’ credit check on the credit profile of the loan aspirants to analyse the risk and later decide whether to approve a loan or not. This is done only to offer an affordable loan, which you can repay easily from your monthly income.

Now, it is clear that there is no credit check loan where only a soft credit check is done instead of a hard one. As a responsible direct lender, we have tailor-made our services so that you can explore our loans without leaving any mark on your credit profile.

With us, you may have a high chance of loan acceptance as we offer only affordable deals. Your credit profile will not show the loan, and you have a better chance of building a positive credit score.

Apply now with no hard credit check

How does credit check work precisely on a loan?

A credit check is common when someone applies for a loan. Lenders perform this to be familiar with your financial history. For instance, the loan provider may ask for your credit profile to see any pending arrears, defaults, bankruptcy or County Court Judgement (CCJ) against your name. They also want to examine your repayment history in previous loans.

A credit score check process determines the amount you are qualified to avail. It gives confidence to the lender while offering a loan to someone else, particularly those with poor credit histories. If they find you trustworthy in making loan repayments, they can assign you a loan with affordable interest rates.

There are two types of credit checks: hard and soft. A hard credit check is a process where the lender strictly goes through the credit profile of the applicant. If everything is fine, loan approval will be there. If there is some fault, the loan provider refuses a loan for you.


On the other hand, a soft credit check is a reverse process of the hard one where the lender does check your score, but it will not be the decider of the loan approval. The credit check will not be visible on your credit profile. Thus, your options of getting more loans will remain intact.

Despite all these things, mainstream lenders are very much particular about the applications of bad credit people. They may refuse their loan requests considering the risk involved with them. However, it becomes a reason to go for direct lenders providing soft or no credit check loans in the UK.

Why you may need loans without a credit check?

A poor credit score brings a lot of restrictions when you go out for a loan. Most lenders see your loan affordability with lots of doubts, and there is always a chance of rejection. You want an option where the lender can consider your application with a softer approach.

In such a scenario, expecting no credit check loans from a direct lender comes as obvious. There is nothing like a hard credit check when you approach us. Our primary objective is to help you with all possibilities, which paves the way for loan approval.

Here are some circumstances where you want loans without a credit check:

Want loans with no hard credit check?

Loan amount £1000 £5000 £10000 Any other Amount

Is guaranteed loan approval with no credit check a myth?

Expectations go higher when we only do soft or no credit score checks. Eventually, you may inspire to have a guaranteed loan approval with no credit check. We want to say responsibly that it is not possible at all. No lender can guarantee you a loan since it is subject to affordability.

Every loan goes through a credit check procedure, but we do it softly, as we have already committed. There will be no impact on your credit profile, and your chances of availing of future loans will always be there.

Since we cannot promise guaranteed approval, it does not mean we can reject your application. We make all the efforts to ensure high acceptance loans, which include:

Affordability: Our primary criterion to analyse a loan application is affordability. You make sure that whatever amount you want to borrow, you can repay it sincerely till the loan term ends.

Present financial handling: We are not interested in your past. Instead, our focus is on seeing how you are doing now. You should be punctual in paying the recent bills, which is showing improvement in your credit score.

Debt-free life: You should not have pending debts while seeking a loan with a soft credit check. You should be debt-free as it puts a good impression on the lender. With no pending debt, you can handle a new loan with its monthly instalments.

No multiple applications: Another way to grab loan approval despite having a poor credit score is to avoid multiple loan applications. If you have already applied with us, then do not apply anywhere.

Income-based loans: We try hard to keep our loans obligation-free. You can avail of our bad credit loans with no credit check and no guarantor if you earn a stable monthly income and ask for an affordable amount only.

What are the alternatives to no credit check loans?

Getting a loan with no credit check is not possible because we want to customise an affordable loan for you. However, we do not mean that there is no way ahead. You still have plenty of direct lender loan options where you see a softer side of our lending, and applying for them will not hurt your credit record.

No Guarantor Loans

You can qualify for no credit check loans without a guarantor if you are pledging an asset or earning a good and stable income.

  • Competitive interest rates
  • Ideal for a financial emergency
  • No upfront fees

Unsecured Loans

If keeping an asset to secure the loan amount is not possible, you still get unsecured no credit check loans by applying with a guarantor.

  • High chances of loan approval
  • Large amount to borrow
  • Instant payout

Bad Credit Loans

Your poor credit is the reason to seek no credit check bad credit loans from a direct lender. Therefore, we offer these loans on bespoke terms.

  • Approval on very poor credit
  • CCJ is accepted
  • Improve your credit score

Why Advanceloanday? To improve your credit score!

We are the responsible loan provider to offer affordable loans with minimum paperwork and obligations. Our main aim is to ensure complete financial assistance, which can bring fast funding and stable your finances.

We do not have specific target borrowers to offer a loan. Still, we are particularly concerned about the finances of those with less-than-perfect credit scores. You may be a salaried individual, unemployed, self-employed or a business owner. Credit score problems can be there irrespective of your financial status. Direct lender loans take care of those issues by making such arrangements through which possibilities of credit score improvement occur.

At Advanceloanday, we vouch for preparing suitable loan deals matching your financial ends, particularly the better credit score. Therefore, we bring the following loan benefits with a no hard credit check already there.

  • Online application

    We only deal in online loan applications, as it is the best way to fetch early funding without indulging in too many formalities. You can apply online from any location.

  • Instant decision

    Since our process is 100% online, getting an instant decision is a possibility. We immediately decide on your loan application if you pass our affordability norms.

  • Manageable monthly instalments

    Once your loan is approved and you start using the funds, repaying the loan will not be a problem. We free you to choose your repayment term to manage monthly instalments from your income..


Which are the best no credit check loans?

There is no best loan to consider without a credit check. It is because no lender can offer a loan without analysing your credit record. However, you may consider those loans the best where a soft credit check is there, not the hard one. At Advanceloanday, we offer every loan with a soft or no hard credit check, creating maximum possibilities of high acceptance of your loan application.

Who gives loans with no credit check?

No lender in the UK can provide you with loans without a credit check. It is a mandatory process because it helps the lender prepare affordable loans only. You get funds on reasonable interest rates and flexible repayments so that you can repay the loan without any difficulty. Later, it will help you to improve your credit score. Therefore, allow us to review your credit score softly, as it suits your finances.

How can I get a direct lender loan with no credit check?

A direct lender loan with no ‘hard’ credit check is possible at Advanceloanday. We always perform soft credit checks, which do not impact your credit record. Since you are connecting with us directly and with no broker, your credit score will not be revealed to anyone.

Can I avail of loans near me with no credit check?

We deal only in the online application; therefore, you can get a loan at your location. We check minor details of your financial record without affecting your credit score. You can apply for loans by sitting at your home or office or submitting an application from your smartphone.

Are no credit check loans another name for payday loans?

Payday loans are the most common funding source many people apply to manage financial emergencies. However, they carry higher interest rates. Due to this reason, many lenders bring alternatives of them like no credit check loans. You should not believe in such deals without research, as they may harm your financial record. Instead, you should apply for loans at Advanceloanday, as we also approve your application with a soft credit check only.

What our customers say...

My credit score was not good, and I feared with credit check process, as I did not want to lose my credit score. I wanted a reliable lender who could provide a genuine loan deal, so I contacted Advanceloanday. They gave me a loan and gently checked my credit record without further harm. It was really impressive. Thank you...


I highly agree with Advanceloanday and their explanation of the credit check process despite being the direct lenders. They cleared my doubts. I have applied for a loan here with no hard credit check. I will suggest this direct lending company to everyone.


I have been following Advanceloanday for the last few months. I talked with their representatives about no credit check loan deals. They guided me perfectly and removed all my myths about them. I will apply for a loan here only as they do soft credit checks.

-Jean Lee

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Representative Example: Credit Amount - £4,000 for 12 months at £430.13 per month. Total loan repayment amount of £5161.60. Interest Amount: £161.60. Interest rate: 49.9% pa (fixed). 49.9% APR Representative.

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