Get easy access to loans despite your bad credit score

Extremely Bad Credit Get to a Guaranteed Loan

You must be under the impression that if you have bad credit, it can be difficult for you to borrow any loan. Many formalities need to be fulfilled before applying for a loan.

Many lenders only prefer good credit or the perfect credit score for their lending. Although there are many ways to improve your bad credit, it is not a one-day job. You have to do several things to pull up your credit score.

But nowadays, it is easy for you to access credit with different lenders coming in. You can apply for credit with different lenders and have access to money.

Along with your credit score, lenders also consider other factors such as employment status, Current financial situation, having a guarantor, and many other things. If all these things fall into place except your credit score, you are still given the money.

But not every lender considers other factors except your credit score. With your less-than-perfect rate score, you may be given higher interest rates on your loans. If the loans bear high-interest rates, it can be difficult for you to repay.

Also, this makes the loan expensive. And your first focus should be on improving your credit score.

Get the best despite bad credit

If your credit scores increases, you pose a lesser threat to the lender. If the lender feels there is a lesser risk, the lender is willing to offer you a good amount of money.

You have to ensure that the lender does not run away from you. In the past, if you have a record of making late payments or missed payments, try to rectify that. This can be a big turn off for every lender.

 Once you correct your past mistakes, you can easily attract more lenders. Since you cannot make your repayments in the past, lenders view you as someone with a higher risk.

If you show lenders that you can make the repayment quickly, you’re in the good books of the lender. The lenders are concerned with their repayments and the loan amount.

If that is done in the proper manner, you can easily have access to cash.

Types of loans being offered with bad credit

With a bad credit score, you are readily available with various options. Many borrowers have poor credit history and still enjoying different loans. You can have access to these loans and fulfil your financial needs.

  1. Bad credit personal loans

One of the common forms of loans is personal loans. There are bad credit no guarantor direct lender available for people .

Many lenders specialize in offering such types of loans. They can be secured or unsecured loans. If you borrow personal loans, they usually have a higher interest rate. Since bad credit is involved, the risk of default is higher.

Also, you may be offered a small amount of money. A battery loan is usually expensive for borrowers because of the APR. Although there are different APRs available on other forms of loans, you have to choose the right one for you.

With the higher interest rates, there may be some hidden charges and fees as well. The lenders may make a hard credit check on your credit score whenever you apply for any loan. This can further damage your score in the future.

Lenders are not at fault as they also have a fear of your default payment. If You Are applying for many applications for your loan, this can also damage your credit score further. Hence, do not make the mistakes of multiple applications at one time.

You have to try for one loan and if that does not happen, then try for the other. But make sure that you are applying for the loan one by one. If you are not confident that your loan is approved, apply for a second loan.

During all this process, keep on trying to increase your credit score. If your credit score increases, there are high chances of your loan being approved.

2. Secured loans

Another option is available for a secured loan. If you want a higher loan, you can always avail yourself of a secured loan.

In this loan, you have to mortgage one of your assets. Keeping collateral is the main aim of the secured loan. If somehow you are not able to repay the loan, the lender will seize your asset.

Your asset can be your house or your car. Whatever is valuable to you may be considered as collateral for your loan. This way, the lenders are on a safer side. They have the security on their loan.

Therefore, there are high chances that your loan applications will be approved quickly. Irrespective of the bad scores, your applications are approved as collateral is involved. Since the mortgage is there, these loans carry lower interest rates.

There is a security on the loan that leads to a lesser interest rate. Also, there is a motivation to repay your loan on time. If you do not repay on time, you may lose your asset or property.

These loans are also termed as long term loans for bad credit UK no guarantor direct lender. Many people borrow these loans in the UK and fulfil their financial needs.    

3. Guarantor loans

Most people who have a poor credit score often choose guaranteed loans. In this type of loan, you have a guarantor with you.

 The guarantor may have a good credit score and a good reputation in the market. If you cannot repay the loan, the guarantor will do so on your behalf. The lender can ask the guarantor to repay in case of a default.

Hence, the lender has no problem offering you the loan. They quickly provide you with a reasonable loan amount since a guarantor is involved. The criteria may differ from lender to lender. A guarantor could be your homeowner or a relative.

This depends upon the lender and their preferences. The financial situation of the guarantor is also checked. For example, if you have a guarantor and the guarantor has also got a better score.

There may be lesser chances of your loan approval. The credit score of the guarantor has to be good along with the financial situation.

If you cannot pay back the loan, the lender will turn to the guarantor for its repayment. Along with guarantor loans, you can easily apply for very bad credit loans direct lenders as well.

4. Peer to peer loans

One of the best loans to borrowers with bad credit is the peer to peer loan. In this, there is no financial institution in the bank involved.

Also, there is no role of a traditional lender. Instead of borrowing from a lender, you can ask from a friend or a relative. This is in between a group of individuals or individuals. Also, in peer to peer loans, you may get a lower interest rate because of your relationship.

Although every lender focuses on your credit score, peer-to-peer loans are different. Compared to traditional loans, these loans offer you a lower interest rate and high chances of approval.

But there are many things to be taken care of in such loans. You have to repay your loan on time to save your relationship. Also, you cannot be choosy about the interest rate.


Having bad credit is not a crime. If you are willing to improve it, you can quickly get access to a loan. There are many ways to improve your credit score.

Once your credit score improves, you may have other benefits such as lower interest rates, high loan amounts and easy repayment options. 

Do not be disheartened because of the bad credit. Instead, look for innovative options while having a less than perfect credit score.

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