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Ava Alan is the Editor-in-Chief at Advanceloanday. She has been associated with the content strategist team of loan experts since 2019. Her work includes intensive research and developing information-packed high-end blogs and articles. Ava’s prior experience in this genre of writing is well highlighted in this writings. Her persuasive writing style is the outcome of the experience she has gathered for years. Her write-ups mostly address the pain points of the borrowers with a solution following it. She has a postgraduate degree in Business Administration with Finance as major. The start of her career as a journalist writer has helped her in gaining in-depth knowledge about the diverse categories of finance products. Although writing is her profession, travelling and exploring new places is her first love.
Ava Alan July 24, 2023

What are the consequences of unemployed loans?

Financial hiccups become common after losing your job. Dealing with everyday needs and planning for the worse leads to never-ending pressure. The situation with diluted savings and no spare cash is alarming. It impacts the lifestyle but the mental state as well.  Sudden job loss provides no opportunity to save some. Life becomes miserable dealing …

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Ava Alan July 20, 2023

How unemployed can claim tax rebate?

Claim a rebate if you have been made redundant recently or lost your job mid-way through the tax year. One can calculate the income tax over the full year. You may not earn much if you lose your job before the tax year ends. Thus, it is highly likely you may have paid a high …

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Ava Alan July 19, 2023

The Ultimate guide to car finance expenses for self-employed

You may be looking for a car in finance for business purposes. Getting one as a self-employed is a bit tricky but not impossible. It requires you to check on your self-assessments, including every single detail of transactions and revenue statements. Generally, to qualify for car finance as a self-employed, you must have at least …

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Ava Alan July 12, 2023

Budgeting apps that can be exclusively used in the UK

Feeling a pinch when you need money is not an uncommon scenario. Even though you are not badly off, you find your savings sloppy to meet your expenses. Budgeting is the best way to stretch your penny as far as possible, but unfortunately, many of you do not have an idea of how to make …

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Ava Alan July 11, 2023

Why a Business Loan Might Help You Start a Business in Tight Finances 

You might wonder if it is possible to start a business when you are penniless. Of course, when the funds are dry and the credit score goes downhill, you would have many reasons to believe you cannot establish your business now. However, it is in times like these do you find help. A simple business …

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10000 pound loan bad credit
Ava Alan July 6, 2023

Tips and Tricks to Control the Psychological Triggers of Shopping

Today, marketers have been spending billions to make sure that their business approach connects with the emotion of the audience. Businesses implement various ideas to convince the audience how their products can make them more successful, save us from getting bored, help attract a partner, and other things. The biggest tool marketers use to promote …

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business loan no credit check uk
Ava Alan July 4, 2023

Can you get business loans based on affordability?

You must be scrolling through this question because of your bad credit profile. It is also because you think your scores will be an obstacle in your way of getting financial support for your venture. Do not reach a decision without having a complete overview of your chances! Determine where you are standing from the …

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loans for self employed with bad credit
Ava Alan June 28, 2023

Does Borrowing a Loan for the Self-Employed Make Me Financially Educated

Loans are for assisting you on the financial front. They are taken out when you have no money or a poor balance, but you face an emergency. This is what you have been told about loans on a basic level. However, if you study them from a deeper perspective then you might discover a new …

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Business loan no credit check UK
Ava Alan June 27, 2023

What funding sources are available to start a business in 2023?

To start a business, you have many benefits and challenges. You can work on important projects and set your own schedule. Besides, you have full control over how you grow as a professional. On the other hand, the lack of financial stability is the major concern to think upon. It keeps many people from taking …

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